Its been awhile.........

Posted on Apr 13, 2020

It would appear that I have really been slacking at keeping our website up-to-date, lol. I did a little updating today and realized I probably haven't posted anything for almost a year.Oops! So what to write about? How about what I am grateful for right now in this moment?

Over the last month life as we know it has essentially flipped upside down. I am forever grateful for a number of things, here are a few of them:

  1. That our company is deemed an essential service, being able to continue to employ our staff at this time is so important. The thought of having to possibly shut down was so stressful and although this whole pandemic is stressful, being able to keep our 80+ staff working took a huge load of our shoulders.

  2. All of the the hard working nurses, doctors and all other support staff in the health system, working to get this under control.

  3. Apps that keep you connected to friends and family, honestly if you haven't tried 'Houseparty', download it, get a few friends together and visit with each other. This app lets you also play games with each other, trivia, pictionary, heads up.....which is right up my alley!
  4. My children and everyone elses that have suddenly been stuck at home for, what has got to feel like an eternity and are trying their best to get through this. You guys are all rocking it!

    Oh if you need a little pick me up you really should watch John Krasinski's(Jim from the Office) SGN episodes he has been doing. So funny and they just make my heart happy.

    So although this isn't really a 'work' tye of post, it is an important one, times are tough right now and we all need to remember what we are grateful for and know that this shall pass.

    Take care of yourself.